What are Alight Motion Fonts? 2 Proven Methods to Apply Both Available and Custom Fonts on Android and PC for Quality Visuals

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To enhance the visibility of the text in your images and videos, various alight motion fonts are available in the app as well as on the internet. In this article, I will tell you how you can import and use fonts in Alight Motion. If you want to import in English and you want to make poetry videos or any type of video in which you are willing to add professional text and use different kinds of fonts, then this guide could be very helpful. Whether you are a mobile phone user or a Windows desktop user, you can master Alight Motion Fonts. So read the whole article and understand the step-by-step guide to enlighten your video editing path.

Alight Motion Fonts

As a part of the Alight Motion Fonts family, you can access a catalog of thousands of free fonts and utilize them across all of your projects. These fonts are available within the app, and you can import them from third-party websites and developers with their consent.

Alight Motion Fonts

Types of Fonts in Alight Motion

Two types of fonts could be used in Alight Motion:

Inapp Alight Motion Fonts: A library featuring more than 2000 free fonts is available for you within the Alight Motion App. You can browse this tremendous collection and find the perfect font that synchronizes with or matches the mood of your video clips.

Custom Allight Motion Fonts: You are not limited to the specified fonts available within the app. Alight Motion allows you to import fonts from outside the app from other sources, such as the font library D font, etc. Simply download them onto your device as zip files and they will be automatically added to your font library in the Alight motion app. Some of the third-party fonts are free to use, and some require a subscription or purchase to apply them to your projects.

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How do I add fonts to Alight Motion?

Applying different fonts to our text is very simple. There are two types of fonts you can apply in Alight Motion using an Android or iOS device by following the steps given below:

  • Fonts available within the Alight Motion App
  • imported Custom Fonts

How do I apply the fonts available within the Alight Motion app?

  • Launch the Alight Motion Pro App
  • Tap on a new project or import an existing project
  • Tap on the (+) button in the bottom right corner
  • Tap on the Text option from the menu bar
  • Select “Add Text” to start adding text to your project
  • Click on the top left corner of the Font menu and click “View all fonts.”
  • Navigate to the desired font and click on it and now your font is ready to display on your screen

How do I apply the custom fonts in the Alight Motion app?

  • Go to a font website like Google Fonts, FontSquirrel, or Dafont and download your desired font
  • After downloading, extract the font from the zip file
  • Launch the Alight Motion Pro App
  • Tap on a new project or import an existing project
  • Tap on the (+) button in the bottom right corner
  • Tap on the Text option from the menu bar
  • Select “Add Text” to start adding text to your project
  • Now click on the three lines in the top left corner, and then click “Import Fonts.
  • Navigate to the folder where you extracted the font files and select the font you want to use
  • Once the font is added to the menu, you can use it for any text you add to your videos

1. Download and Extract Your Desired Font

Download font for alight motion

2. Create a Project or Import the Previous One

create new project in Alight Motion

3. Tap on the (+) Button in the Bottom

how to add fonts in alight motion

4. Tap on the Text Option at the Bottom

add text in alight motion

5. Add your Desired Text in the Alight Motion

Add text in alight motion

6. View All Fonts and Select your Favorite

Fonts in Alight Motion

7. Choose Any of the Available Fonts

Available fonts in alight motion

8. Import any Custom Font in Alight Motion

Import custom font in alight motion

9. Navigate to the Folder containing your Font

custom font in alight motion

10. Imported Font Will Be Added Here

custom font use in alight motion

11. Select your desired Font from here

Alight Motion Fonts within the app

12. Your Font Is Now Ready to Work for You

Preview fonts in Alight motion

How Do You Choose the Best Alight Motion Fonts?

When selecting fonts for your Alight Motion projects, it is essential to consider several key factors to ensure your text complements your video:

  • Align with the Video’s Theme: Just like with Alight Motion, your font choice should harmonize with the theme of your video.
  • Prioritize Readability: The font you choose must be easy to read across various devices and screen sizes. Some fonts might pose readability challenges, particularly when using mobile screens or any other small screens.
  • Ensure Contrast with Background: Your selected fonts should stand out against the background without blending in. You can also apply a border to the font to make it clear.
  • Harmonize Font Pairings: If you’re utilizing multiple fonts, ensure they complement each other harmoniously. Avoid an excessive variety of fonts, as it can clutter your video and detract from its professionalism.
  • Brand Identity: If your video is representing a brand or organization, select fonts that align with their established brand identity. Consistency in font choice can help reinforce brand recognition and credibility.
  • Language Support: If your video includes text in multiple languages, ensure that the fonts you choose support all the languages used. This ensures that your message is being communicated effectively to a diverse audience without any language barriers.
  • Compatibility across Platforms: Ensure that the fonts you choose are available and display consistently across different platforms and devices. This consistency helps maintain the integrity of your design and ensures a seamless viewing experience for your audience.
  • Test Before Finalizing: Before finalizing your font choices, test them within the context of your video to see how they look and feel. Experiment with different fonts, sizes, and placements to find the combination that best enhances your visual storytelling.

How You Can Utilize Alight Motion Fonts?

  • Text-Based Games or Quizzes: you can utilize them in text-based games or quizzes embedded within your videos. Use Alight Motion’s animation features to design engaging experiences that entertain your audience.
  • Animated Font Effects: Advanced animation techniques in Alight Motion help you create effects with text elements. Options such as particle effects, morphing text, or 3D typography add visual creativity and flair to your projects.
  • Brand Representation: Alight Motion fonts could be used to align with a brand’s identity for video content. The use of specific fonts helps to strengthen brand recognition across various digital platforms, maintaining brand credibility.
  • Dynamic Text Animation: Dynamic text animation features in Alight Motion are used to bring your text to life. Try several animations, like fades, scrolls, and transitions, to add movement and visual interest to your text elements, enhancing viewer engagement.
  • Subtitles and Captions: Clear and easily readable fonts are essential for subtitles and captions in Alight Motion. They ensure accessibility and understanding for all viewers, even on smaller screens, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • Highlighting the important information: Alight Motion Fonts are specifically used to highlight important information in a video. A font with distinct characters can catch the attention of specific text that we want the user to go through.


To add custom fonts to Alight Motion, you need to download the font files (.otf or.ttf) from any font website and import them into the app following the steps provided in this article.

Some popular websites to download fonts compatible with Alight Motion include Google Fonts, FontSquirrel, Dafont, and Adobe Fonts.

Yes, you can use Google Fonts in Alight Motion. Simply download the font files from Google Fonts and import them into the app.

To import fonts from FontSquirrel into Alight Motion, download the font files from FontSquirrel and import them into the Alight Motion app.

Yes, Alight Motion supports both.otf and.ttf font formats.

Alight Motion doesn’t have a specific limit on the number of fonts you can add. However, keep in mind the storage capacity of your device.

You can organize your imported fonts in Alight Motion by creating folders within the app and categorizing your fonts accordingly.

Yes, you can preview fonts before adding them to your project in Alight Motion. The app typically provides a preview of the font style and size.

If a font doesn’t display properly in Alight Motion, try re-importing it or ensuring that it’s compatible with the app.

Yes, Alight Motion supports animated fonts. You can create animated text effects using keyframes and animations within the app.

To delete fonts from Alight Motion, go to the font management section of the app and select the font you want to delete. Then, choose the delete option.

If you encounter font-related issues in Alight Motion, try restarting the app, re-importing the font, or checking for updates.

Yes, you can change the font size and style within Alight Motion using the app’s text editing tools.

Alight Motion offers a selection of built-in fonts, but they may not be as diverse as custom fonts available from third-party sources.

You can create your fonts using font creation software or online tools and then import them into Alight Motion.

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