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Numerous video editing apps on the internet focus on a single feature. For example, there is an app with quality effects, another with excellent stylish clips, and another for enhancing audio in our videos. Some apps even specialize in animating our videos and multi-layer editing. However, we haven’t encountered an app that combines all these qualities. The issue is that if these features are scattered across multiple apps, it becomes cumbersome to download and learn them individually on our laptops or computers.

Moreover, dealing with the learning curves of multiple apps can be challenging. Therefore, we would like to introduce an app that can seamlessly perform all these tasks and has many advanced and unique features. This app would save space on our mobile devices, streamline our time, and eliminate the need to learn various video editing apps. With this single app, users can efficiently manage all aspects of video editing with no watermark, making it user-friendly and visually appealing with its excellent features.

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Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion Pro Mod APK is an excellent mobile application with a 4.8 rating for creative and enthusiastic people seeking to polish their video editing and animation skills. The premium version of this app is easily accessible and downloadable. Because of its premium features and easy-to-use interface, it is the number one choice among many people. This application provides us with a seamless and professional editing experience. As the first app dedicated to motion graphics that works best on Android, iOS, PC, and tablets, Alight Motion Pro has unique features that make it the most popular app in the graphics designing industry.

The Alight Motion Mod APK, often called Alight Motion Pro, is a modded version of the original Alight Motion Premium app. We can access and use all the paid features, animations, motion graphics, visual effects, and video modifications without getting a subscription or paying any fees. The unlimited range of effects, from filters to transitions and overlays, further solidifies the popularity of Alight Motion.

Alight Motion Pro Information Table

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Downloading the Alight Motion Pro

It is simple to download and use the Alight Motion Mod APK.

Follow the following instructions to get it done:

  • Click the download button at the bottom of the info table.
  • Downloading will start and may take some time, depending on the internet speed.
  • After downloading it, run the app and click Install from the menu on your phone screen.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully installed the mod version of Alight Motion on your device.

Modded Features of the Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion is famous for its premium features.

  • Having no watermark on the images and videos we save on our device.
  • There is no lagging and a smooth video editing experience.
  • Ads-free experience. We do not have to wait for the ad to pass and start our work.
  • Support XML files. We can import, export, or work with XML-based project files.
  • All effects are accessible to use in our modified version of the app.
  • Chroma Key will replace specific images or backgrounds from the film.
  • Premium Activated with full access.
  • All fonts are available for use in our projects.
  • It is free to use, and we are not supposed to pay any hidden charges.

Alight Motion Pro Old Versions

Old versions are compatible with old devices. If your device cannot install the latest version of the software, you may try the old versions of Alight Motion.

Alight Motion Screenshots

What’s new in Alight Motion?

  • Share your projects with others through links and QR codes, ensuring teamwork and continuity.
  • It enables you to create complex animations by linking and controlling multiple layers.
  • Adjust the colors and change them according to your preference.
  • It enhances the quality of motion in animations by allowing you to control the acceleration and deceleration.
  • provides a smoother and more natural feel to the movement.
  • Add multiple graphics, video, audio, shapes, and design layers.
  • It allows you to edit graphics on your phone.
  • Panning and zooming cameras can also deal with haze, focus blur, and fog.
  • Available keyframe animations.
  • Link parent and child layers and rig character joints.
  • Add bookmarks for easy editing, making it easy to navigate and focus on key sections during the editing phase.
  • Offers a variety of options for filling shapes and backgrounds.
  • It allows you to copy and paste entire layers or just their style.
  • Enable you to create a library of frequently used elements, saving time and maintaining consistency across projects.
  • Add multiple graphics, video, and audio layers, making it a versatile tool for multimedia projects.
  • Enhances the visual appeal of animations by adding a realistic motion blur effect, making fast movements look more natural and polished.
  • It provides versatility in exporting your designs for different purposes, such as sharing them on social media, embedding them on websites, or using them in other video editing projects.


Yes! Alight Motion mod APK is free.

You can watch tutorials, guides, or instructions on effectively using Alight Motion’s features for creating animations or videos.

Yes! Alight Motion is available on PC as well. You can download it from here.

Yes! Alight Motion is available on the iPhone as well. You can download it from here.

It only uses the necessary data to create your project. Alight Motion Pro does not save your data to your accounts. It stores data on your system’s local storage. It is available to you if Alight Motion is installed on your device.

Yes! It keeps your projects private. Remember to download it from a trustworthy platform. You can install the Alight Motion Mod APK from here.

You may have the old version of the app. System compatibility is also important for its smooth functioning. You can download the latest Alight Motion mod APK now.

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