Alight Motion Mod APK 2024 Pro Version, Without Watermark: Latest Update

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Alight Motion Mod APK

To give your visuals an original and unique appearance is the wish of all of you. Numerous video editing apps, like Adobe Premier, are available on the internet that could be helpful for the creation of graphics, but they have watermarks on the saved pictures and videos, which do not look good.

Matthew Feinberg (X.CEO at Alight Creative) solved this issue and presented a powerful motion graphics design mobile application, Alight Motion Mod APK, which is favourable for Android smartphones, PCs, Macs, and iOS. Having no watermark and many other graphics editing tools makes Alight Motion Mod APK the first choice of editors, graphic designers, and users who love to edit pictures and videos for professional use. This app is close to my heart because of its unlimited and amazing features.

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Alight Motion Pro

The free version of Alight Motion provides all the basic features, but the output file contains a copyright mark, and you have to view some ads before you save your projects to mobile phone storage. Purchasing the Pro version unlocks advanced features, but a notable investment is required. Alternatively, the Alight Motion Mod APK provides premium features with no watermark and adds free features, making it easy to interact with photo, video, and animation editing.

Alight Motion Mod APK Features Overview

This app offers incredible features:

  • No watermark
  • No lagging
  • Time remapping
  • Batch editing
  • Export in full HD resolution
  • Ads free
  • Support XML files
  • All Effects are accessible
  • Chroma Key
  • Premium activated
  • All Fonts are available
  • Free to use
  • Blending modes
  • Blur background

Information Table of Alight Motion

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Alight Motion Pro Unlimited Features

Alight Motion Pro offers unlimited features, which makes it one of the favourite video editing tools for graphic designers and people who work with animations.

Here are the pro features of Alight Motion:

  • Work with multiple layers
  • Template editing
  • Creator rewards
  • Multiple fonts libraries
  • Regular updates
  • Keyframe animations
  • Velocity & Speed Control
  • Masking layer
  • Blending and opacity
  • Luma key
  • Fill behind
  • Motion blur
  • Collage maker
  • Aspect ratio
  • AI-assistance
  • Drawing tools
  • Premium, stylish fonts
  • Add frames and effects
  • Remixing Tool
  • Replay and Edit
  • Blur Background
  • AI Stickers
  • Image Resizing
  • Video Trimming
  • Image masking
  • Create Stickers

Alight Motion Tutorials to Learn Video Editing

If you don’t know how to use Alight Motion, no worries. Alight Motion includes tutorials that guide you throughout the process of designing elements, making it easy for beginners to learn and enhance video editing skills. You can also see our beginner guide to learning and exploring the features of alight motion.

Alight Motion Mod APK Offers Free Premium Features

I always wonder why the Alight Motion Pro is the favourite tool of so many people worldwide. It came up with the fact that it is because of the many creative features that make it so professional. Let me figure out how you can enjoy those features.

Velocity Control

You can adjust the speed and acceleration of elements in your project. This feature is beneficial for creating dynamic movements and emphasizing certain parts of your video.

AI-Assisted Projects

Alight Motion Mod APK suggests ways to increase the effectiveness of your projects. AI saves time and helps designers enhance their creativity during editing.

Ads Free Experience

This app provides an ad-free, focused environment that saves time and increases productivity. Without any distractions, users maintain their concentration, resulting in great output.

Completely Free to Use

Now, install the latest version of the Alight Motion app and enjoy all the paid features for free. You can update the previous version of the software without any charges. You can save that money for your snacks or popcorn while editing.

Creator Reward

Have you ever wondered about being rewarded while doing your work? Now, create your templates and share them with the world. When other creators use your templates, you will earn shopping vouchers. So, it is a wonderful chance to share your creativity and earn.

Motion Blur

With this feature, you can make your videos look more realistic. In real life, fast-moving objects appear blurry somehow, but by incorporating motion blur in graphics, you can make animations and images look more natural. It makes the transitions smooth and clear.

Aspect Ratio

A proper aspect ratio is important for your images and video angles. This feature lets you choose the right dimensions for your projects, as different social media platforms require specific media ratios. It allows the audience to see your content on full screen without distortion.

Fill Behind

With this feature, you can fill the area behind the layer with a modified copy of the layer with optional adjustments such as blur, saturation, tint, and brightness, providing a convenient way to quickly adapt a photo or video for use in a project with a different aspect ratio or orientation.

Presets and Favorites

Pre-structured templates are available from which you can start and enhance your projects. You can change presets, fonts, colors, styles, effects, and text. With a shortcut, you can save your favorite object or element for future use and later use it in formal projects. AM Mod APK supports all the presets, making them more interesting.

Significant Colors

Playing with colors is great fun. They are very important when editing the videos. Video editors can use any color format according to their preferences. They can highlight specific colors and suppress their effect as well. You will go to the add section, press the templates, and enjoy the color adjustment.

User-friendly interface

This provides a simple, user-friendly, stable interface that helps you navigate different application features. The Alight Motion mod APK interface is very interactive and specially designed so that users can easily access, explore, and use the available options. It allows you to keep all the controls in your own hands.

Batch Editing and Multiple Layers

It allows you to interact with multiple layers simultaneously, enabling them to create more complex animations. Imagine changing a single picture and applying the same effect to all the chosen images and animations. You can enjoy working with multiple layers, photos, and video animations and editing them simultaneously, thus being productive.

Colour Effects

Colors are very important in our lives. The Alight Motion Mod APK provides countless heart-touching color effects that you can use in your videos to make them look good. We can adjust the color tones, contrasts, and saturation of our images and video animations. Color grading enables you to use specific moods, from warm and nostalgic to cool and futuristic effects.

Precise Editing with Vector Graphics

It allows you to use mathematical equations to create lines and shapes of desired dimensions, so there is no need to crop them later. This feature helps you maintain the quality of the images and videos. These vectors are very helpful in the precise creation of illustrations and logos. This feature makes Alight Motion better than many other video editing apps.

Key Spill Cleaner

Cleans up green screen or bluescreen spill near the edges of a layer, such as the green fringe left over after applying a matte effect such as a chroma key, by isolating a feathered region around the inside of the edges of the layer and propagating interior hue and saturation outward into the isolated region while maintaining the original luminance.

Luma Key

It keys out all pixels that are lighter or darker than a given threshold, making those layer parts transparent. Luma Stamper extracts a mask from the layer based on the brightness of the pixels in the layer. Luma can clip out noise in the layer’s extremely light and dark areas and then use the mask to stamp a solid color into the project.

Blending and opacity

The Alight Motion Mod app takes your project to the next level by adding layers and enhancing the opacity of the added videos and pictures. It gives you all the editing control you need, where you can adjust multiple layers with the blending mode option and change the clarity of layers according to your preferences. Thousands of presets and templates are available in the AM app that you can use for your photos, videos, and animations. Blending modes like overlay, multiply, and screen can produce unique and creative results.

Chroma Key with Green and Blue Screen

Key out all pixels similar to a particular color, making those parts of the layer transparent. Useful for green screening or bluescreening. Chroma helps to remove the background and unwanted spots or objects from the images and videos to make them look professional. You can superimpose objects on different backgrounds. This method is widely used in creating movies and TV shows where some artificial touch is necessary.

Masking and Layer Effects

Alight Motion allows you to use masks to reveal or hide specific parts of your video, image, or animation. This allows for creative layering and visual storytelling in your projects. You can apply effects to individual layers, such as blurs or glows, to give your visuals a professional and polished touch. It ensures clean and streamlined editing.

Text Effects

Alight motion makes your text feel good. It brings your text to life with animations such as fades, bounces, and rotation effects. You can adjust text spacing between individual letters or lines of text in a text layer. This adds value to your project’s titles, captions, or textual content. You can also apply creative masks to your text, allowing it to appear in shapes or patterns. It is useful for visually appealing text overlays.

Alight Motion Fonts

Alight Motion provides vibrant fonts that add flair and personality to your video projects. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or playful and bold, the platform offers a diverse selection of fonts to choose from. Customizing your text is made easy, allowing you to perfectly fit the mood and tone of your video. Whether it’s for social media, presentations, or any other video project, Alight Motion’s fonts help you make a lasting impression.

Audio Effects

You can enhance your video with the many sound effects available in the Alight Motion Mod APK. You can synchronize these audio effects with your animations for a more impressive experience. Alight Motion uses fades or crossfades to transition between audio clips smoothly.

Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation is the most exciting feature of Alight Motion Pro. It helps you with the in-depth and detailed editing of your video animation. You can add more than enough elements in the application to your frames. You can set keyframes like position, scale, rotation, and opacity. This enables you to create complex animations with smooth transitions.

Multiple Fonts Library in Alight Motion

Alight Motion Pro APK offers about 2500 inbuilt fonts in the app that users can use in animations and videos as text layers. You can easily animate the text in various forms and add text to the graphic animation video. With multiple fonts, you can easily make your text font look cool and attractive. Thousands of fonts are available, but if you want to use your custom text font, you can also use your favourite font.

High-Quality animations

High-resolution images and videos add value to your projects. Alight Motion Pro allows you to save your work with enhanced quality. Alight Motion Pro allows you to download edited videos at several resolutions. You can select the resolution of your element or projects according to your will. A variety of composition sizes are available, such as 180p, 270p, 360p, 540p (SD), 720p (HD), 1080p (FHD), 1440p (QHD), and even 4k.

Template Editor

If you love working with predesigned layouts, you can customize any template by quickly replacing the media with your amazing content. Newbies with limited design skills can use this feature and start from any structured point.

Advanced Editing Tool

The mod version includes additional editing tools and controls, empowering users with greater flexibility and precision in their creative designs and videos. This includes enhanced colour grading, custom fonts, and multiple layers.

Export and Share your Projects

After you have done your editing, it’s time to share your content with family and friends. Alight Motion Premium allows you to export and share your work in many formats, like JPEG, PNG, XML, GIF, and MP4. You can also set our export resolution when you select the video quality. After exporting your content, you can save it in device storage or share it on any social, media platform in any format.

Alight Motion offers Regular Updates

Developers are always busy adding more features to the Alight Motion Mod APK and providing an excellent user experience. They always release software updates, which are more accurate in working than their older versions, with fixed bugs and speed optimization. Keeping your phone’s software up-to-date is a wise decision. Alight Motion sends regular updates that provide an uninterrupted environment for creating your videos. You can update our older Alight Motion Mod APK version by clicking the download button.

Device Requirements to Install Alight Motion Mod APK


Android 6 or later


Storage, Unknown Sources


Octa-Core (1.6 GHz) or above


Minimum 2GB or above


Minimum 8GB or above

Internet Connection

To edit and download files

Operating System

Android OS

Battery life

Considerate Battery life

Where to get and set up Alight Motion

You can download the latest Alight Motion Mod APK version from this page. If you want to download the preview versions of the app, then click

Alight Motion Pro Installation

Click the download button and choose the latest version of the app. Now, you have two options: install it from Google Chrome by allowing installation from unknown sources, or go to the download folder, open the downloaded file, and click install. You can also download and install the older application versions that match your device’s requirements. Now, you have an amazing graphic editor ready for you.

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Alight Motion for PC

To speed up your video editing using keyboard shortcuts and your love to edit on big screens compelled me to find a way for you to use if you want to edit your graphics on a Windows PC, Mac, or laptop. Just click the download button here and install Alight Motion on your PC.

Alight Motion for iOS

The Alight Motion Mod APK is now also available for iPhone users. You can download and install the Alight Motion mod APK by clicking the download button.

Alight Motion QR Codes

Alight Motion mod APK is also developing fast in this digital and modern world. Using QR codes makes Alight Motion Pro the best app for graphic design. With Alight Motion mod APK QR codes, you can share your projects with anyone, allowing them to access and review the animation or video project quickly. So log in to the app and enjoy the editing journey. Want to learn more about Alight Motion QR codes?

User Reviews About Alight Motion



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I have been using this app for three years now! This is the best app for smoother transitions or simple TikTok edits. I love it.



alight motion logo

This app is great; it’s my favorite editing app so far. I have gained very amazing videos made with it. Its features are amazing, yet a little bit tricky to learn.



alight motion logo

I love this app. It has great features, makes my edits high quality, looks realistic, and has great graphics. I love to work with this app.

Alight Motion Drawbacks

It may not work correctly on specific devices, so always check device specifications before installing it. For a better experience, you can watch video tutorials on how to use Alight Motion.


Alight Motion is a versatile video editing and animation app with the most interesting features that can handle your projects professionally. A range of design tools are freely accessible to you. People who have been using the Alight Motion Mod APK for years show satisfaction with the results. Millions of users confirm that it is the number one choice of people around the globe. If you are a professional or a newbie in graphic design, then we highly recommend that you try this app at least once. We are sure you will fall in love with this app. If you want to learn more about it, read our blog. Thank you for your concern.


Yes! Alight Motion mod APK supports the import and export of XML files.

Just download the Alight Motion Pro APK from This mod APK has no watermarks on your images, animations, or videos.

More than 100 effects are available for you to use. Download the latest Alight Motion Mod APK version and enjoy all the unlocked effects.

No! It is free. You are not supposed to pay any charges. You can find the free version here on this website:

It only uses the necessary data to create your project. Alight Motion Pro does not save your data to your accounts. It stores data on your system’s local storage. It is available to you if Alight Motion is installed on your device.

Yes! It keeps your projects private. Remember to download it from a trustworthy platform. You can install the Alight Motion Mod APK now.

You may have the old version of the app. System compatibility is also important for its smooth functioning. You can download the latest Alight Motion mod APK version from this website.

Yes! You can install Alight Motion Premium on your PC, Windows, or Mac. To install Alight Motion on your PC, visit Alight Motion PC.