Ultimate Guide to Top Alight Motion Effects and Transitions: Application Tips and Free Download

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In the world of video editing, content creators are always on the lookout for tools that can elevate their creative expressions. One such gem is a modified version of the popular Alight Motion app. The stunning Alight Motion effects and transitions set this mod APK apart from the other video editing apps. Alight Motion Effects can transform an ordinary video into a visual masterpiece, even on your mobile phone. This article will discuss some of the most used effects and transitions that push Alight Motion Pro toward the top ten best video editing apps.

Alight Motion Mod APK

Alight Motion Mod APK is the best app in the video editing community because of its eye-catching effects and transitions. Key Frame Animation is a special feature in Alight Motion Pro that allows us to add vibrant colours and dynamic motion effects. This function enables us to modify objects, elements, and images according to our wishes.

Alight Motion Effects

Alight Motion effects are crucial in adding value to our visuals and making them look cool. Let us find out what effects are in the Alight Motion Mod APK and how these help increase our creativity.

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Specifications Table of Alight Motion

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How do you apply effects in Alight Motion?

Applying effects in Alight Motion is as simple as remembering the name of our namesake.

To Copy Alight Motion Effects:

  1. Select the layer where you want to apply a specific effect.
  2. Access the Effects menu and choose the desired effect.
  3. Copy the effect by tapping the three dots next to it.
  4. Close the layer selection by tapping anywhere on the screen.
  5. Choose the target layer for the effect.
  6. Open the Effects menu on the new layer, tap the three dots at the bottom left, and paste the copied effect.

Benefits of the Copy-Paste Effects Feature:

  1. Enhances workflow efficiency and speeds up the editing process
  2. Maintains a consistent visual style across effects for a cohesive appearance
  3. Simplifies the process of applying identical effects to numerous video segments at a time
  4. Saves considerable time and effort through a streamlined application with just a few taps

Alight Motion Effects Explained

Are you aware of the Alight Motion Effects? Let us dive into the trending effects:

Text Effects

  • Count Up/Down: Replaces existing numbers in a text layer with the same number.
  • Text Progress: Partially displays a text layer, character by character
  • Text transform: Transforms individual letters, words, lines, or pieces of letters within a specified range of a text layer.
  • Time Code: Replace the text in the layer with a running time code.
  • Text Progress: Partially displays a text layer, character by character.
  • Text Randimizer: Randomly changes individual characters in a text layer.
  • Text Spacing: Adjusts the spacing between individual letters or lines of text in a text layer.

Blur Effects

  • Box Blur: Blurs the layer by averaging the colors of nearby pixels in a surrounding rectangular area (hence box blur).
  • Lens Blur: This applies an angular blur to the layer, excluding the central area.
  • Inner Blur: Blurs the opaque parts of the layer without blurring the opacity.
  • Mask Blur: Blurs the background behind the layer, with the blur strength based on the layer’s luminance.
  • Chromatographic Zoom Blur: This applies a radial blur to the layer, resulting in a zoom-in and zoom-out effect and dynamically adjusting the strength of the blur for each color channel.
  • Motion Blur: Simulates motion blur by blurring the layer based on position, rotation, and scale keyframe animation from the layer’s Move & Transform settings, as well as motion from certain other effects compatible with motion blur.

3D Effects

  • Box: Renders a faux-3D box using the layer as a surface texture.
  • Cube: Renders a faux-3D cube using the layer as a surface texture.
  • Cylinder: Renders a faux-3D cylinder using the layer as a surface texture.
  • heart: Renders a faux-3D heart using the layer as a surface texture.
  • Pyramid: Renders a faux-3D regular pyramid with a square base, using the layer as a surface texture.
  • Star Prism: Renders a faux-3D star prism using the layer as a surface texture.

Repeat Effects

  • Scatter Repeat: Dynamically generates multiple copies of the layer, scattered randomly around the original layer location.
  • Radial Repeat: Dynamically generates multiple copies of the layer, arranged in a circular pattern.
  • Grid repeat: Dynamically generates multiple copies of the layer, arranged in a grid.
  • Linear repeat: Dynamically generates multiple copies of the layer, arranged along a line.

Move/Transform Effects

  • Auto Shake: Moves the layer randomly over time within specified parameters.
  • Offset: Offsets the layer content, wrapping at the edges of the bounding box.
  • Move along Path: Positions the layer at a point partway along the outline path of the layer immediately beneath.
  • Oscillate: Moves the layer back and forth repeatedly.
  • Random Displacement: Automatically moves the layer smoothly but randomly over time
  • Spin: Automatically spins the layer at a given speed.
  • Random Jitter: Automatically jumps the layer randomly back and forth over time, along a selected angle.
  • Stretch Axis: Stretches the layer in an arbitrary direction.
  • Swing: Automatically rotates the layer back and forth over time.

Drawing and Edge Effects

  • Drawing Progress: Clip the beginning and end of the vector outline of the layer so that the outline is only partially drawn.
  • Contour Lines: Draws one or more lines around the contours of the opaque parts of the layer.
  • CMYK Halftone Dots: Replaces continuous tones in the layer with a pattern of dots of varying sizes for each CMYK colour channel, similar to the process used in magazine or comic book printing.
  • Halftone Lines: Replaces continuous tones in the layer with a pattern of monochrome lines of varying thickness, a variation of the process used in newspaper or comic book printing.
  • Edge Glow: Detects edges in a photo or video and creates a glow around them.
  • Glow Scan: Renders a blur combined with a smooth glow within a region of the layer defined by a luminance band.
  • Find Edges: Finds edges in a photo or video layer by detecting sharp changes in luminance between nearby pixels.

Matte/Mask/Key Effects

  • Solid Matte: Composites the layer on a solid colour matte, filling transparent parts of the layer with a solid background colour.
  • Matte Fringe: Isolates a narrow feathered strip around the interior edge of the layer and replaces the hue and saturation in that strip with the hue and saturation behind the layer, keeping the original luminance. Use this after applying a matte or key effect to reduce stray colours on the matte’s edge.
  • Vignette: Darkens the edges of the layer through the vignette effect

opacity/Visibility Effects

  • Blinking automatically adjusts the layer’s opacity, alternating between its normal value and zero over time.
  • Pulse opacity: Automatically pulses the layer opacity over time, based on a sine or triangular wave.
  • Flicker: Randomly flickers the layer by automatically adjusting the opacity over time.
  • Feather: It softens the edges of the opaque part of the layer by blurring the alpha channel.
  • Dissolve: Randomly removes pixels from the layer. This effect can be animated to create a pixel dissolve transition.


Alight Motion Effects empowers you to produce high-quality videos and animations directly from your mobile devices. Whether enhancing transitions between scenes or applying filters for mood-setting visuals, the app provides users with the tools to bring their creative visions to life.

After importing your clips into the timeline, tap on the transition icon between the two clips. Then, select the desired transition effect from the options available in the transition library.

Some of the most popular transition effects available in Alight Motion include fades, slides, wipes, zooms, and blur transitions. These effects help seamlessly blend scenes or clips in your video projects.

Numerous online tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on creating smooth transitions in Alight Motion. These tutorials often cover keyframing, easing curves, and masking techniques to achieve seamless transitions.

To adjust the duration of transition effects in Alight Motion, you can drag the handles at the beginning and end of the transition in the timeline to increase or decrease its duration.

You may have the old version of the app. System compatibility is also important for its smooth functioning. You can download the latest Alight Motion mod APK version from here.

Yes! You can install Alight Motion Premium on your PC, Windows, or Mac. To install Alight Motion on your PC, visit Alight Motion PC.

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