What are Alight Motion Elements? and how to use them in your projects? A Detailed Guide to Enhancing Your Video Editing Skills

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Alight Motion Elements are a collection of premade blocks available within the Alight Motion app. These elements include a variety of animated text, overlays, stickers, transitions, and effects specially designed to enhance video projects quickly and easily by providing ready-to-use visual elements that can be edited further and incorporated into our video creations. 

What are Alight Motion Elements?

When we build a house, we have to start with the raw materials. We assemble the bricks with cement and some other raw elements and set them together to build a building or a big structure.  The raw materials used in building houses, like bricks, cement, water, iron rods, etc., are the elements that we use. In the same way, when we make a project in Alight Motion, we use some small building blocks that we name Alight Motion Elements. These small structures, which we name elements, are very crucial and predict the resulting structure.

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Alight Motion Mod APK

The Alight Motion Mod app is a popular video editing app that provides many premium features for free. We don’t have to pay for it. The latest version of the Alight Motion Mod app has no watermark, no lagging, and a user-friendly interface, with many pro features fully available.

Types of Elements in Alight Motion

To add flair and creativity to your video projects, Alight Motion Elements play an important role. These elements are differentiated into several types, and each type serves a specific purpose to increase the visual grace and storytelling of your videos.

Text Animations elements

Text animations help you convey a specific message to your audience. They can be used to add messages, titles, and captions to your videos. You can add these text elements in various formats, styles, fonts, and animations that fit your content or the message that you want to deliver. 

Graphical elements

Graphical elements like icons, symbols, emojis, elements, and shapes can be placed in the videos to give special messages or for decorative purposes to emphasize some special points. These graphical elements include animated designs to increase visual engagement. 

Elements and Transitions

Transitions are essential for creating a smooth flow between video scenes. Alight Motion Elements offers transition effects, including fades, wipes, slides, and zooms, that enable you to make videos that suit your interests. 

Backgrounds and Patterns

Backgrounds serve as foundational elements for videos. They come in various styles, ranging from simple to complex patterns, allowing you to set the patterns according to your own will.

How to download Alight Motion Elements?

Alight Motion Elements can be created within the app and downloaded from projects available on the Internet. 

How do you download elements from the app?

  1. Open any project of your choice
  2. Tap on the (+) button at the bottom and open the Add menu
  3. Tap on the elements at the bottom left and download them
  4. Now import the premade element available there
  5. After the import is complete, these elements will be available in the elements subtab

How do you download elements from any available project?

Alight Motion allows you to share projects with the world. After making their projects, people share them on different social media platforms via a QR code or through Alight Link. When someone shares projects with you, tap the link or scan the QR code on your phone and import the elements used in that project. Then, use those elements in your projects and set them according to your needs. You can change the text inside, change the color pattern, and reshape it.

How to use Alight Motion Elements?

Using Alight Motion elements in your video projects is simple. Here is a step-by-step guide to using elements in the Alight Motion app.

Open Alight Motion App

Launch the Alight Motion mod APK App on your mobile device. If you don’t have already downloaded the App, you can download it by clicking https://alightmotionproapp.com

Start a New Project or Open an Existing one

It depends on you whether you want to use elements from an existing project or start a new one. Simply choose the way you want to use elements in Alight Motion.

Go to the library

Locate the library in Alight Motion, where you will find Alight Motion elements like text, stickers, transitions, effects, shapes, backgrounds, patterns, colors, and templates.

Select elements of your choice

Various elements are available in Alight Motion’s library. Navigate through the different categories to find the specific elements you want to use in your video project. Tap on a category to explore its contents, and then select the individual elements by tapping on them. You can also preview each element before you add it to your project.

Add elements to your project

Tap on the elements you want to add to your project, and they will be added to your timeline. You can drag and drop the element and adjust its size, shape, and color.

Customize Elements

Once the specific element is added to your project, you can customize it to fit your needs. You may have various customization options available, such as changing text, adjusting colors, changing size, modifying animations, or applying effects to them.

Preview the elements

After customizing the elements, preview your project to see how they look. If needed, make the necessary adjustments to increase the overall look of your designs and video projects.

Save and Export Your Project

Once you have finished editing and are satisfied with your video project, save your progress and export the video to your desired resolution and format. Alight Motion Mod APK offers options for exporting videos in different qualities and aspect ratios to suit various platforms and purposes.

Share your creations with the world

Now that you have successfully imported your project onto your device, it’s time to share your completed video with your audience by uploading it to social media platforms. 


Alight Motion provides a wide range of elements, effects, and transitions to make your videos look professional and engaging. You can create your elements, use them in your projects, and share them with the public. These elements offer versatility and creativity that allow you to stand out in this digital world.


Alight Motion Elements are premade animations, effects, and transitions that increase the visuality of our videos, making them more engaging and professional.

Alight Motion Elements can be found directly within the app, or you can import them from premade projects available on the Internet.

Yes, you can create custom Alight Motion Elements within the app by using its editing tools to design and animate text, graphics, and other elements.

Elements in Alight Motion are primarily designed for use within the Alight Motion app but can often be exported and used in other video editing apps.

Yes, Alight Motion is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making its elements accessible everywhere.

Yes, Alight Motion Elements are designed to be user-friendly, offering tools and interfaces for easy navigation and customization.

Yes, Alight Motion Elements can be used for commercial projects.

Yes, users can share their custom Alight Motion elements with others by exporting them as files or uploading them to the Alight Motion community for others to download and use.

Yes, Alight Motion Elements are perfect for creating social media content, including posts, stories, and ads.

Yes, Alight Motion Elements can be used in video projects in any language, allowing users to create content tailored to their specific audience and demographic preferences.

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