Alight Motion vs Adobe Lightroom: Which one is the best video and photo editing app? A Detailed Guide and Features Comparison

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Alight Motion Mod APK and Adobe Lightroom are the best video and photo editing apps that stand out for their unique features. Each app serves a particular purpose; Alight Motion focuses on motion graphics and video editing, while Adobe Lightroom has expertise in photo editing. In this article, we will compare Alight Motion Mod APK and Adobe Lightroom and give insights on their features so you can get enough knowledge to decide which of these editing apps best suits your purpose.

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a motion graphics, animation, and video editing application that went viral among people who love to edit videos on Android and iOS platforms. It offers many tools for both beginners and advanced users, making it the No. 1 choice for those looking to produce high-quality animations and videos directly from their smartphones.

What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is photo editing software that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. It is known for being a powerful tool for photo editing on desktops and mobile phones.

Importance of choosing the Right Video Editing App

The appropriate software for your pictures and videos is important for achieving the desired results. With the right app, you can ensure quality output and mental satisfaction. The app’s accessibility across different devices makes you feel confident, and you can work nonstop, maximizing your productivity. Hence, choose your app wisely because all your success in the field of video editing depends upon your decision to do so.

alight motion vs adobe lightroom

Features Comparison Table: Alight Motion vs Adobe Lightroom

FeaturesAlight MotionAdobe Lightroom
Primary UseVideo and animation editingPhoto Editing
Platform AvailabilityAndroid, iOS, PC, and MacOSWindows, macOS, Android, and iOS
User InterfaceMobile-friendly, easy to useDesktop friendly
File Formats SupportedMP4, GIF, PNG, JPEGRAW, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Layer SupportYes (multiple layers for videos and images)No (layers are not available)
Keyframe AnimationYesNo
Visual EffectsYes (blending modes, color correction, visual effects)Yes (basic to advanced color correction)
Vector GraphicsYes (create and edit shapes)No
Audio EditingYes (import and edit audio)Photo editing only
Subscription Modelfree Mod version availableSubscription (monthly or annual plans)
Learning CurveModerate (easy for basic use, more complex for advanced features)Moderate to High (depends on feature set and user experience)
Community and SupportActive community, online tutorialsExtensive resources, tutorials, and support from Adobe
Speed and performanceFast, responsive, smooth editingEfficient performance
Pricefree Mod version availableSubscription-based (starting at $12.99/month)
Chroma keyYesYes
Motion graphicsunlimitedlimited
Templates and presetsUnlimited  templates and effectsLimited
Remove BackgroundYesYes
Vector designyesNo
SupportedXML filesXML files
Motion graphicsunlimitedlimited
AvailabilityAndroid, PCAndroid, PC

Alight Motion Special Features

The Alight Motion Mod APK has the following features:

  • Multi-layer Editing: For complex projects, Alight Motion can combine video, audio, images, and graphics in multiple layers.
  • Keyframe Animation: Keyframes help you animate any project element precisely.
  • Vector Graphics: create and edit vector graphics directly within the app for sharp images.
  • Add Text: Add text with various fonts, styles, and animations.
  • Blending Modes: Apply different blending modes to layers for various effects and filters.
  • Color Adjustment: Adjust colors, brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance video editing.
  • Visual Effects: Visual effects like blur, shadows, and highlights are available to enhance your videos.
  • Speed Control: By slowing it down and moving it forward, you can adjust the speed of your videos.
  • Aspect Ratio Control: Choose from various dimensions available to create ones to fit your project needs.
  • Export Options: Export videos and GIFs in multiple resolutions and formats.
  • Chroma Key: Use a green screen to replace backgrounds.
  • Motion Blur: Realistic motion blur is used for moving objects.
  • Audio Editing: Adjust volume and synchronize audio with video.
  • Import Media: Import photos, videos, and audio files directly to the app from your device.
  • Shape Tools: Create shapes with vector tools.
  • Gradient Fill: Gradient fill is added to shapes and text for stylish effects.
  • Border and Shadow: Add borders and shadows to elements to make them distinctive.
  • Grouping Layers: Combine multiple layers for easier editing.
  • Time Remapping: Change the keyframe’s timing to create unique motion effects.
  • Social Media Integration: Export videos fit for different social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Adobe Lightroom Special Features

Adobe Lightroom has the following features:

  • Reverted editing: it changes your photos without altering the original files, so you can always revert it.
  • RAW File Support: Import RAW images from your phone’s camera and make changes.
  • Advanced Color Grading: Color grading tools are available to add color effects.
  • Exposure Adjustments: Easily adjust exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, dims, sharpness, whites, and blacks.
  • Noise Reduction: Reduce unwanted noise in your photos, particularly in low-light images.
  • Lens Correction: Automatically correct lens distortions and chromatic aberrations.
  • HDR Merge: Combine multiple exposures to make a higher dynamic range.
  • Graduated Filter: Apply gradual filters across a region of the image.
  • Radial Filter: Focus on a specific photo area and make adjustments.
  • Adjustment Brush: Apply paint adjustments to particular areas of your photo.
  • Crop and Straighten: Easily crop your images to improve alignment.
  • Presets: Apply pre-made templates to your photos for quick and consistent edits.
  • Batch Editing: Apply the same adjustments to multiple photos simultaneously and save your time and energy.
  • Keyword Tagging: Add keywords to your photos to make searching and organizing easier.
  • Innovative Collections: Create dynamic collections of photos based on your specific criteria.
  • Virtual Copies: You can make multiple versions of the same photo without duplicating the original file.
  • Book Module: Design photo books with layout tools.
  • Slideshow Module: You can create and export slideshows of your photos.
  • Cloud Storage: Store your photos in Adobe’s cloud account for access anywhere, anytime.
  • Collaborative Editing: Share your photos with your friends and family and allow them to edit them.


Both Alight Motion Mod APK and Adobe Lightroom are valuable software for graphic design. Alight Motion has motion graphics and video editing tools, especially on mobile devices. In contrast, Adobe Lightroom is the best at photo editing. Choosing between the two apps depends on your specific needs. If you aim to create videos and animations, Alight Motion is the best. For photo editing, Adobe Lightroom is the best option.


Alight Motion is better suited for video editing and creating animations, while Adobe Lightroom specializes in photo editing.

Yes, Adobe Lightroom supports RAW files from a wide range of cameras, allowing for high-quality photo editing.

Watermarks are available in the free version of Alight Motion, but the Mod version of Alight Motion has no watermark in the exported videos.

Alight Motion allows you to import and use custom fonts in your projects.

Alight Motion has a user-friendly interface and offers tutorials, making it accessible for beginners, though some features may require practice to master.

Yes, Adobe Lightroom and Alight Motion allow batch editing, enabling you to apply editing to multiple photos simultaneously.

Yes, Alight Motion supports keyframe animation, allowing for precise control over animations and effects.

Alight Motion is primarily a mobile app, but you can use an Android emulator to run it on a desktop.

To remove the watermark in Alight Motion, subscribe to the app’s premium version or use the Alight Motion Mod APK.

Yes, Alight Motion includes color correction tools to enhance and adjust the colors in your videos and animations.

Yes, Alight Motion supports editing and exporting in 4K resolution.

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